Sharp 1000W R-21LCF Microwave w/ Dial Timer 1.0 Cu. Ft. Interior




Professional Quality. Simple Operation.
In 1945, a man named Percy Spencer accidentally discovered a novel way to quickly cook food. While working with a magnetron (a type of vacuum tube), the radio waves it produced melted a chocolate bar in his pocket. This discovery led to innovations in microwave technology, and by the 1970s microwaves were affordably available for home kitchens. The Sharp R-21LCF is a commercial workhorse that brings Spencer’s classic design from the home countertop to your professional kitchen.

The Sharp R-21LCF is a light duty commercial microwave capable of withstanding the demands of small commercial kitchens, convenience stores, break rooms, breakfast bars, or coffee shops. It is designed to consistently perform and excel in demanding jobs that would overwhelm common residential microwaves. From its core components to its rugged door handle, the R-21LCF is built to last.

Although the microwave was invented by an engineer working with electromagnetic waves, operating one doesn’t have to be rocket science. The Sharp R-21LCF microwave oven requires no fancy installation or ventilation hood. Simply plug it into a 120V outlet and turn the dial. This ease of use allows you to steam vegetables, melt butter, or heat a pastry without wasting time with complex controls.

Microwaves have come a long way from vacuum tubes melting chocolate bars in pockets. What started out as a monstrous microwave machine became a compact countertop appliance countless chefs rely on every day to succeed. The Sharp R-21LCF brings commercial quality production at a price lower than many residential microwaves. That’s progress sure to make Mr. Spencer proud.

In a hurry? Check out these key benefits:
Stainless Steel Interior and Door
Sturdy Grab Handle
One Year Parts and Labor Warranty
Additional 2 Year Limited Warranty on the Magnetron
Lighted 6-Minute Dial Timer